Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post From My Travel Blog

My travel blog went a little strange and I was on the phone
with Apple for around 4 hrs. trying to save and fix what ever
happened. I did manage to get back all that was lost except for
the very last post. It still won't publish and I don't feel like dealing
with it today so maybe next week we can get it to publish. I do like
being able to put all the pics. in an album and on the blog much easier
then blogger. (Sorry, these pics. are probably backwards and I don't
feel like redoing them, it takes to long.)

After 30 plus hrs. of travel we made it home late Friday the 18th.

When Sarah saw the Christmas Lights on our house She said,

Sarah seeing her room for the first time!
Our son Chris in the background drove us home from Phoenix.
The last two hrs. of our journey.
We arrived in Phoenix around 5:30 pm and were greeted by friends
and family. We were all given flowers and the girls also received
cute little teddy bears holding a flower. A precious friend of mine &
her DH came up from Tucson and brought an awesome Chinese
Calligraphy that reads
"Welcome to America. Your dreams will come true."
Sarah took it and started to cry. Charlotte, thank-you for your
thoughtfulness and sharing how God's hand was in the making
of the awesome gift you brought our daughter. We went straight
from the airport to my SIL's work Christmas Party Fund Raiser.
(5 min. away) Sarah met 3 of her cousins, one of her Uncles,
a couple of her Aunts and even sat on Santa's lap with Jaden.
We stayed and watched the Flame Throwers and headed home
shortly after.

I think she likes it!
(Backing up a little)
Freshened up and waiting in LA for flight to PHX.Poor Jaden was exhausted.
She did have a very exciting and busy two wks.
Waiting in Hong Kong Airport. (Sorry if this is a little jumbled. I am
trying to remember everything I wrote on my lost post)
When we were walking over to our gate to wait for our flight.
I saw Stan turn and start walking towards some people and I
thought I heard someone say" Is that Jaden ?" As we were getting
closer to the couple I thought the man looked familiar and the
two little boys. As we started talking I realized I was talking
to Nicole the mommy of all my E's! (mom's always seem to be
behind the cameras) Who happens to know some very dear
friends of ours who adopted their first daughter when we
adopted Jaden. The adoption world is so amazing to me.
I am truly humbled and honored that the Lord put it on my heart
to adopt. Trusting in His leading and stepping out in faith
and obedience He has blessed us beyond measure. We have
met so many wonderful Godly people in this journey. Some
who have become very special and dear friends to us. Not to
mention the two beautiful daughters we have the honor of
raising for Him and to know Him.
We enjoyed visiting with Nicole and her DH until their
flight came.

Then shortly after we were on our way to San
Francisco we didn't have a very long lay over and we had to
get through customs and give them our sealed envelope. The
customs officer didn't seem to understand that Sarah is our
adopted daughter and kept telling us she would need a green
card! I explained to him she is our adopted daughter and
is automatically an American Citizen. I am not sure if he
handled our paperwork correctly. I really don't think He
understood what I was telling him He had her sign the
paperwork and not us he kept saying she is old enough.
I hope this doesn't cause us any problems. I am really
concerned about.

The girls waiting for our flight in HK
I wonder what was going through Sarah's mind
as she leaves the land where she was born and
lived for the past thirteen years of her life with
complete strangers that don't even share her
language. Not to mention the food differences.
She is such a brave young lady.

Nicole and her two new E's!
It was wonderful meeting and talking with you!

The beautiful Chinese Calligraphy. :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Week Home And First Christmas Together

Sarah rolled and cut and decorated Christmas cookies.
Jaden was a great helper also!
Wearing most of the icing.

I woke up Christmas morning to this little and very excited voice
saying "Santa brought my tooter scooter and doll house I wanted!!!
"Sarah's bike too!
Oh, and just ignore the sheets on the sofa there IS a body under
them. When you are in your twenties you can sleep through anything!
The twins, our sweet daughter-in-law and Justin a friend of theirs
(adopted into the family minus all the paperwork & expense) ;)
spent the night at our house. The rest of the family and guests
arrived in the afternoon for Christmas dinner.

Yes! My girly girl is very into cars also!
We did get a couple of pics of Sarah in her pajamas. She was quite
shy and didn't really want them taken so I won't post them this year.
She never celebrated Christmas before and she doesn't know the
reason why we celebrate. I did tell her we were celebrating Jesus
birth. I know she didn't really understand. That is ok. I just pray
that she will see Jesus in me as we interact together.
She was trying to avoid the camera so most of the pics are of her
looking down. She seemed to like her gifts. She wouldn't get on her
bike at all. A little later we set it outside and when she thought no
one was paying any attention she got on and tried to ride. Chris her
big brother went out to help her. Then she realized others were
watching and wouldn't get back on. She is very shy.
She unwrapped her gifts one piece of tape at a time. :)
She liked her tea set!

Checking out her new cookbook.