Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrating Jaden!!!

April 2 Jaden turned 7 yrs. old.
That's right SEVEN!!!
It is hard to believe! The time has gone by so quickly.
I remember celebrating her first birthday with us..... she
was just two yrs. old. Look at her now! 
Very surprised to get Lego Friends.
She only wanted one thing and that was a
sewing machine.
 Don't you love that smile? She lost two teeth
right before her birthday! She had lost her first
tooth last year when we were in China.
Jaden loves horses.
Bet you can't guess what she wants for Christmas.
Poor Chloe doesn't remember her first birthday with us last June.
 She had so much going on in her little life. We had brought her
home 3 wks. before her birthday. First Sarah and now Jaden having
birthdays I think she was feeling a little left out.
 She did handle it fairly well.
This little cutie wanted strawberry shortcake for her  birthday.
We can't wait to see the wonderful plans God has for you!

Happy Birthday, Jaden you are one amazing little girl!!!


Hmmmmmm.......... I guess this momma is going to have to learn how to sew.
 One very excited and happy little girl!
We love you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy Temps!

I think we are in for a long hot summer. So we will be doing a lot of this.................
We had record breaking high temperatures on
Saturday 100 degrees and Sunday 101.
A good day to break in the pool for summer!
With our solar cover the pool was up to 86 degrees.
Can you believe a week ago Sunday it was 68 for the high?
We broke the record for the low high temp. on that day!
Chloe picked up right where she left off in the fall. 
This little one loves swimming and playing in the water.
  Chloe has tubes in her ears and needs to have earplugs when swimming.
Her ear canal is so tiny we have to get them custom made.
So daddy picked up some at the drugstore for now.
That is large blue thing hanging out of her ears. :)
When we could keep them in.
Loves going under  

Monday, April 16, 2012


 We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of our
Lord and Savior!
 We spent today with almost all the family including my parents!
 (one brother's fam couldn't make it)
 Thanks, Tim & Roxanne! Everyone had a great time!
 I have four brothers and one sister so when we all get together
with our own families including our grown children and their children
it became a huge fun gathering! Here are a few pics. (will share
more on FB later)

Hmmmm...... I like this!
Looking for the special treasure.
(one of her favorite little sayings)
The newlyweds and their newest edition.
My niece was married on 11/11/11 at 11:00
and yes they kissed at 11:11 am.
Grandma's are allowed to be biased!
Our grandson and great nephew

Jaden's cousin and buddy.
Who is a little tomboy and surprised us all
when she chose this cute dress!
 (she really didn't want any pics taken)
 As they were leaving she finally let me
take one. : )

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chloe Only Broke A Few.......

eggs that is.
Chloe has so much fun with everything she does! 
She is always more then willing to try something new. 
 Jaden loves being a big sissy and bossing her around 
showing her the ropes when it comes to first's. Chloe never 
lets me forget we need to capture the moment with a picture. 
She puts her little fingers up by her eyes acting like she
 is taking a picture and says, "Picture... you TAKE picture!"
I can't believe a year ago we were waiting to travel to 
pick-up our precious little treasure. 

Just in case you are wondering why Sarah wasn't enjoying 
all the fun coloring eggs...........
She was out of town for a few days. On her own little 
adventure visiting her older brother Chris and his wife Desiree. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Look Who Flew In

The other day I heard giggles coming from the living room. 
I went to check it out and found two little fairies fluttering around.
Jaden's inquisitive mind wanted to see how fairies fly.
  We even talked a little about gravity since we just studied 
about it in science. What goes up will come down.   
take off
Do you think this girl is having fun?
This girl got some air!
Smooth landing.
"I know if I jump high enough I can make it
all the way up to Jesus' house!"

Coming in for another smooth landing.
(love the latest hair trend)

Her little fairy princess sidekick wasn't
about to be left out.
A jump in the air from the floor. I think we
have a cheerleader in the making.
Oh, and Jaden knows after her flying photo shoot.
 NO More Flying Off The Fireplace. :) 
She can save flying practice for the pool,
landing in water is much more fun and easier
than on the floor.
With the temperatures almost 90 it will be
very soon!