Sunday, June 6, 2010

Very Determined Girl

Guess who this is? 

On Friday Sarah got out of  the pool and began to cry. She was very upset. Why? She was frustrated because she wanted to swim and she just wasn't able to. (my heart was just breaking for her) I reminded her it might be easier to try swimming underwater. She had practiced holding her breath underwater and holding the side as she swam. So I knew she could if she could get the left side of her body under control. That is the side of her body she has the apraxia. I know when she puts her mind to it she can. I was also holding her tummy and having her bring her legs up and she would practice kicking. She discovered she could do that by herself with the noodle. So this sweet girl practiced and practiced every time she was in the pool. Everyday last week I watched her practice. Saturday I went to lunch with a friend. DH told me they only swam for 45 minutes. 

On Sunday she got in the pool and just started swimming!
  Brought me to tears.
Check this girl out..... already jumping in!!!
Sarah, you amaze us! 
We are so proud of you!
Nothing is going to hold you back!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Pool Time

  I love this picture of Sarah!Jaden is a little fish. 
The little stinker is loading up her water gun and armed with her
 torpedo. I am safe as long as I have the camera or if I am sitting reading. ;)  
This year the weather has been so strange we have not even hit a 100 degrees yet! Our evenings have been very cool also. The pool was freezing on Mothers Day but the girls went in any way. This weekend was their fourth time in the pool. Usually we are swimming in April or the beginning of May.
 .No complaining here! : ) We have enjoyed the beautiful weather. It is supposed to be in the 100's by the end of the week.  Sarah does not know how to swim yet. She loves being in the pool. She told us her foster parents took her swimming and she would float around in a tube. Here she uses a noodle. She is faithfully practicing by putting her face in the water and getting on her belly and kicking. Today she started trying to swim in the shallow end of the pool without the noodle. She can stand in the shallow end and she is very comfortable staying there. She is very determined to learn how to swim. I have taught all of our children how to swim, but they were all much younger. With Sarah being older and having a movement disorder, we may have to hire someone to teach her. This girl is so extremely shy I am not sure if that will even work.