Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Quick Visit

It was wonderful to see our Trini!!! Even if it was just for a couple of hours.
We take whatever time we can get and CHERISH it! 
Can't believe you are 14 yrs. old! Also how tall you have grown since
we last saw you.  
Three beauties
Not so sure about Jackson.
Jaden leading him until Trinity was more
Good job Trinity!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looking Forward To Our Summer Visitor!

We love you Trinity!
Yup! Me too!
Sarah can't wait for you to come back and stay for a while.
 Chloe wants to show you how she swims all by herself.
So hurry back
because we miss you!
Poppa loves you!
Jackson says, "Me too!"
We can have a pool party after a summer storm 
and watch as God paints us a beautiful sunset
Jaden promises to be her usual self. Uh Oh! ; )
We are counting the days until
we are all sitting around the fire eating smores!
Love and miss you! You are always in our prayers!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Year In Review

 I have been so busy by the time I sit down to blog it is so late
I am ready to fall asleep. When Trinity came for her short visit
she told me she checks my blog to see what we are
up to. So these are for you sweetie. We miss and love you!
A very rare site in the desert!
Chloe learned how to swing! It may have taken her
a while, but it wasn't from lack of trying!
Her little muscles are getting stronger and stronger everyday. 
Gymnastic Recital
Gotcha day she was thrilled to get a big girl doll.
Water ballerina.
Fun down on the farm.
Trying to roller skate. : )
First time rolling skating. Once she got going she didn't
want to quit. All the pics of Jaden were blurry. She is a girl
who likes to go fast on skates, bikes and horses.
 This momma is never going to let her drive!
She sleeps in the funniest positions.
Playing with Kiwi.
(big brothers bird)
"He his tickling me!"
Big brothers snake!
Not a thrilled mommy.
Sarah checking the snake out.
So happy this snake was only visiting!
Look at Chloe's grip on the snake. He
is very heavy. I do remember many times
the smaller snakes escaping and being
 loose in the house for days. Boys are
such fun!
 "Chris you do know I will never stay
overnight at your house anymore!"