Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Her First Christmas

 We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. It was so fun to see Chloe's reaction to everything. When we first brought the tree in the house she became upset. Yelling,  "No no no!" I assured her it would be ok and once we started decorating it she joined right in. Our baby Jesus got a lot of lovin' this year from Chloe, she couldn't resist holding the baby doll we use every year. Jaden read Luke 2:1-20 to our family and guests on Christmas Day sharing the birth of Jesus our Savior. After, she recited John 3:16, 17 from memory.  
Don't you just love the way Chloe is holding her pants up.
Poor girl those 3t's are a little big especially when she is
Chloe's first experience making Christmas cookies!
Jaden showing her the ropes. 
She got the hang of it very quickly.
Serious business!
She had a wonderful time!
Taste testing...... Yummy!!!
We studied about Pocahontas this year and Jaden really liked this doll.

A prayer warrior in the making.
Yup, that is the guitar she wanted in the
background. She started lessons a few
months ago.
Her very own baby! (she always wants to play with J's)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prayer Request..... Praise!

Thank you for all your prayers! May all glory and praise go to our awesome God!!!
On December 23 little Taylor had another EEG and the results 
showed a complete reversal of the first report on Dec. 8th. 
There is a tiny fragment in his right-hemisphere that is a little
active but the doctors believe that will be gone soon. They will
continue the steroid injections for 6 to 7 more weeks and he will
be taking an oral medication for a year. The medication side effects 
can cause liver problems, so they must monitor him closely. 
Please continue to keep little Taylor in your prayers. 
"For where two or three come together in my name, there I am 
with them." Matthew 18:20