Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How It All Started.....

A couple of years ago Jaden discovered horses and her love and passion for them just keeps growing. She loves reading books, watching movies involving horses and even researching info on the internet.
This girl has even turned the footboard of her bed into a horse, using her blanket for saddle pads and pillows for saddles. Her bridles and halters are made out of head bands and hair ties. (love her imagination) Even the arms of our chairs and sofas have become her horses. ( until  mommy sees her) Our poor boxer ( Roxy) has been treated like a horse since she arrived here a year ago. Even to the point of Jaden checking her hooves (paws) and using a stick as her hoof pick so she can pretend to clean them. This girl even turns her leash into reins and pretends to ride her. She is even teaching her to jump all kinds of obstacles. Roxy is such a good sport, she just goes along with all of it.
So for her birthday we decided to get her a grooming kit and a book on taking care of horses. Her big brother Kevin and his wife Megan (who has a beautiful horse) gave her another book on horses. She has enjoyed reading through them and soaking up more info. We decided this summer to have Jaden start taking horseback riding lessons. She also went to a couple of camps. The Lord has given her such a heart and soul for horses. She is a natural.
Jaden and Peanut were supposed to go over the ground poles,
 Peanut had other ideas. The next time around Peanut decided
to jump Jaden just went into the position for jumping
 (forward 1/2 seat or 2 point) which surprised her instructor
because she hadn't taught her that. When I asked her about it
she told me, "I saw how to do it on the internet". On our way to
camp that morning we had prayed for God to give her just the
right horse for her. She later told me, "Peanut doesn't listen and
she is very stubborn and always wants to do things her way".
My comment, "Hmmmm...... maybe God is using Peanut to show
and teach you something." She sighed and agreed.
I just love how the Lord uses different circumstances in our lives
to teach us. 
Cruising around the arena and getting ready to go around
a couple of barrels.
Starting at 8:00 am and it was still to hot. This past June
we broke records staying in the 3 digit temps. for most of
the month.
Jaden trying to get Peanut out of her space as the head back in. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Very Special Arrival!!!

At 4:45 am we received our long awaited phone call from the
truck driver letting us know they were about 45 minutes away!
He is here!
We were all very excited! Chloe couldn't wait to..........

   Sneak A Peek......
at our newest member of the family!
Who is very tall dark and handsome.
 Checking out our family project..... his new home.
Poor guy is from Virginia and is probably wondering where in the
world am I? What happen to all the green?
Checking each other out. Roxy has seen a few horses when we have
been out walking. Our horse is used to riding with dogs running around
and following along with him.

The poor horse is trying to figure out what is up with this
crazy dog and that tongue action.  It is just the way Roxy rolls.
 Her tongue is always hanging out even when she sleeps. 
So curious and

He really likes Stan.
Did I mention how sweet he is?
He has been home 3 1/2 weeks and we are all in love with our
sweet baby boy!
 Don't you just love that lightning bolt on his head?
 We still haven't decided on a name for him. So for now I
just keep calling him Sweet Baby Boy or Mr. D
 (is given name is DaVinci)