Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Such A Joy

This little girl has accomplished so much in her short three months home. She is speaking so many more words, phrases and comments that I can't even keep track. She may not be where a typical five yr. old should be, yet she is so smart I believe she will catch up. I don't think she ever used a crayon, pencils or scissors. So we are enjoying scribbling and trying to write the letter A and practicing using scissors. She is recognizing the letter Aa and saying it so we have moved on to Bb. :) Learning numbers and colors too. On school mornings she always wants to pray and say the Pledge of Allegiance by herself. So we help her and she repeats every word. She is such an amazing little girl it is as if she has always been a part of our family. Making dinner this evening she walked up to me and asked, "Mommy My help you?" If she sees me cleaning up after dinner she grabs the dish rag and washes the table and helps 
with the dishwasher. 
We will have to save her 16" bike for later she is so tiny. 
We did get her a 12" bike she can't peddle it or the tricycle yet.
 I know she is getting stronger and in God's perfect timing
 He will have her peddling all over the place. 
 I love to see her excitement every morning as she looks
through her clothes choosing what to wear. The other day
I bought her some smaller undies and talk about excited....
"Thank-you mommy, thank-you!" This went on constantly
even the next morning when she discovered I washed them
and she could now wear them. She always brings a smile to
my face and melts my heart.
When we choose to walk in obedience to God He blesses us 
more than we can imagine.

Tonight she mastered the scooter! She was
so excited!  
Helping her learn how to swing. She loves it and
I am sure she will catch on soon.
She is a little character and so full of life!
We are so thankful that Our Father in heaven chose us
be her mommy and daddy.
Always trying to wear Jaden's earrings and wanting her ears pierced.
Even though I kept telling her it would owieeeeeeeeee....... she still
wanted them.
"Yikes! Two at the same time?! "
She did great! She is thrilled to
have bling in her ears like her
big sisters.
 This girl loves her bracelets and every time she gets a new one she just adds
it along with the rest.
She loves to eat and sometimes at dinner eats 2 or 3 servings. Yet she still
weighs in at 28 lbs. :- /
Jaden being a wonderful big sister teaching her to drive.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another First

After our dentist appointment (end of July) we had our
 first visit to Build A Bear. I know she must have
 thought we were all crazy handing her an unstuffed
Hello Kitty with its big head and flat body.
She would take it and put it right back and say, "NO!"
Then she would point to the already stuffed and
dressed animals wanting one of them. She didn't want
anything to do with that funny looking thing.
Finally seeing a few other children pick different
animals and stuffing them she decided to try it.
Of course she loved it!

 Chloe's muscle strength is still so weak the lady had
to push the pedal for her. She is starting
to jump a little now and is very proud of herself.
Maybe all the swimming is starting to help strengthen
her muscles.

Saying the little pledge rubbing a heart on their arms,
heads, tummies, chest
and nose. Then they put it inside and sew her up.
Enjoying giving her  an air shower.
Home loving on her new buddy. Borrowing Trini's
shades so the sun won't bother her eyes.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Very Special Visitor

Trinity is here for a visit this summer.
We have known Trinity since the day she was born.
September 12, 1999
She lived with us for most of her baby and toddler yrs.
She was our God given foster child. (not through the
 legal system)  We are Grandma and Papa to her
and always will be. We love her as our own.
We would have kept her forever except......
  God had other plans, though painful at the time.
I now see how our Father in heaven used everything
that took place..... to open our hearts to the adoptions of
our three beautiful daughters from China.

When she was we little the Lord gave me a
verse for her and I have always shared it
with her.
For He will command His angels concerning
you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11
  They all enjoy the little critters around our house.
Sarah caught this little lizard and they all had a good
time checking him out. After a couple of days they fed
him some crickets and sent him on his way.
Our trip to San Diego.  

"Pick Me UP!!! PICK Me UP!!!"
Loves and named most of our tortoises
 She loved being my little helper in my Sunday school class,
learning many verses.
I pray the Lord place a Godly person in her life.
Most of all that she would know Him as her Savior
and how much He loves her.

This past Thanksgiving we finally were able to see
her again after several years!
Such a cutie!
Thanksgiving 2010
She still loves feeding the turtles!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beating The Heat

Our newest little mermaid. :)
She hated baths when we first met her.
Look at her now...........
she loves to put her face in the water.
Chloe's answer to the summer heat.

I never thought anyone could
get a darker tan than Jaden.  Oh. My. Word.
 Chloe is much darker than Jaden.
We slather on the SPF, UVB 50+
Watch out karate kid!

Jaden loves to do flips off the diving board.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Since we were going to Phoenix for the homeschool convention 
we went a day early and took care of getting Chloe's 
birth certificate. We also went to the Sealife Aquarium. 
The girls had a great time!
Jaden enjoyed the little tunnels she could crawl in and get a 
closer view of the sea life.

Sarah playing with starfish. Another first for her 
and Chloe too!
A stroll through the shark tunnel a very exciting end to our little adventure.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Quiet Friday Evening At Home

Looks like this one has had its last meal.
Doesn't DH look proud. ;)
(It must be a guy thing)
Yes,  even though it is dead it still tries to strike 
and moves as if he is still alive
even shakes its rattles.  

Diamondback Rattlesnake

So if you are bored and looking for some exciting
entertainment, Southwest style........ just come on by. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tutu Cute!

        Don't let that shy look fool you. :)
Two cute girly girls!
 Chloe surprised us with her little dance move.
Love it!