Friday, August 26, 2011

Another First

After our dentist appointment (end of July) we had our
 first visit to Build A Bear. I know she must have
 thought we were all crazy handing her an unstuffed
Hello Kitty with its big head and flat body.
She would take it and put it right back and say, "NO!"
Then she would point to the already stuffed and
dressed animals wanting one of them. She didn't want
anything to do with that funny looking thing.
Finally seeing a few other children pick different
animals and stuffing them she decided to try it.
Of course she loved it!

 Chloe's muscle strength is still so weak the lady had
to push the pedal for her. She is starting
to jump a little now and is very proud of herself.
Maybe all the swimming is starting to help strengthen
her muscles.

Saying the little pledge rubbing a heart on their arms,
heads, tummies, chest
and nose. Then they put it inside and sew her up.
Enjoying giving her  an air shower.
Home loving on her new buddy. Borrowing Trini's
shades so the sun won't bother her eyes.

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