Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some how I deleted these two pics off of the last post. (frustrating)
We saw many dances. The little girls were precious. 
This young man was a hoot! 
 His family owns the restaurant where we had lunch.
 His Japanese wife works there also. He adored the girls.
We enjoyed all the info he shared with us about China.
 He is from northern China where everyone is very white
 and our girls are from the south and they have darker skin
 to protect them from the sun. Maybe that is why Jaden turns 
so dark in the summer. 
We met many friendly people while we were there.
One lady gave me her phone number and email even though
 we are a couple of hours away and told me she would love
 to teach Jaden how to speak Mandarin. I thought to myself, "Hmmm 
how does she know that since we went to China, Miss J walks 
around the house talking in her own version of Chinese?"  

I know CNY is a huge celebration in China. Similar to Christmas.
Instead of the red envelope with money this year we decided to do
 it a little different this year.
 After Christmas I found "Wan Ling", one of the Karito Kids dolls, on 
sale for a great price. (similar to American Girl dolls) So I purchased 
one for each of the girls. With Sarah being fourteen I wasn't sure that
 she would be interested. Yet knowing she was brought to the 
orphanage at three and a half, I thought I would get her one and see 
what she thought. So this was the girls gift for CNY. I think the picture
 says it all. She squealed with excitement when she saw her and was 
very excited to get her out of the box. Jaden was thrilled with
 Ling's beautiful hair. Then they both changed them into their pajamas
 and robe and proceeded to brush their dolls hair. Later Sarah did
 put her Ling in bed on the pillow next to her.
 Just makes my heart ache thinking of how different her life was
 growing up in the orphanage and then the last four and a half years 
living with her foster family along with five other children.
 (in the apartments on the orphanage grounds) 
Watching over the years as other children would leave
 and never return. What was going through her mind? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year

We had to go to Phoenix to get Sarah's Birth Certificate so........
We thought we would stay and go to the CNY celebration up there 
and look what we found! A mini China Town! Sarah enjoyed herself. 
She even found a CD and some DVD's from China and was very excited!
Of course I had to do a quick mommy check with the owner of the 
store to make sure they were for appropriate since it was all in Chinese.

 A beautiful peaceful garden to slow down and relax in as you stroll through. What a wonderful place this would be for quiet time with the Lord. We also found a wonderful Chinese Grocery store that is bigger then the one near us. We were able to find Sarah a few things we saw her eating and drinking in China. Jaden had a wonderful time also  
riding on the little rides.   They both had their pictures taken and were in the local newspaper.

The little lion dancer was just adorable to watch! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Start of Chinese New Year!

 January 31 We went to the start of Chinese New Year celebrations.
The girls really enjoyed it. We arrived early for the show and they 
had all kinds of things going on before the show started.  Sorry the
sun was right in our faces because of the time of day, so the pictures
seem hazy. The Shaolin Martial Arts School was also there. They are
from China and opened for the Beijing Olympics. They were amazing
to watch. Sorry, I couldn't get a good picture of them outside. Inside
we couldn't take pics. Inside the show was just as captivating. I loved
hearing Sarah singing along to the songs. She really liked the song
Jasmine Flower. It just melted my heart seeing her enjoy herself so
much. She really liked the Acrobats who did juggling and a
Happy Chef show that was like something you would see from
the I Love Lucy show.
Later in the evening she asked if daddy and I liked magicians.
I told her we did. She left the room and came back with a little
bounce in her step carrying a tiny little book full of pictures of
a young man.(I always thought he was a singer)She shared
with me how much she liked him and he was a magician.
Basically she was sharing how she has a crush on this
handsome young magician. What another sweet moment of
bonding as she shared something very special and near to her
heart. I so treasure these moments. 
I am looking forward to the Chinese New Years celebration up in Phoenix this weekend. Hopefully I can get better pictures.
Beautiful Dancing.

The lion dancers were teenagers and children.
The little lions were adorable to watch!

Sarah was very hot in the sun. She did not like it at all. Yikes! Poor girl is really going to dislike summer. Especially when she finds out you can fry an egg on the asphalt it gets so hot here! That is why we live in the pool!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Can Do It!

"I have been watching Sarah! I can do it!"
Tuesday Jaden convinced me that she could ride her bike just like Sarah. She wanted her training wheels off. Sooo............. when daddy came home we had him take them off.

  I was chasing her as she flew by. (with tears in my eyes)   
My baby is growing up way to fast for this momma. She is one independent four year old. She started and has been able to keep up with me or should I say I have to keep up with her and my walk may turn into jogging again. So I am not left in her dust!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sarah's birthday and mine are eleven days apart.
 She chose a strawberry ice cream cake for the family party.
 Strawberry!? Don't you mean Chocolate? 
One of my favorite foods is chocolate covered strawberries. But.... 
the cake she choice was just strawberries. Well, this chocoholic had to
 have a piece of chocolate ice cream cake so I just used the excuse of my 
birthday. That way, everyone else would help eat it and I would have 
one piece. ;) Oh, did I mention it was chocolate cake with chocolate
 ice cream and covered in hard chocolate on the outside with 
chocolate shavings on top!
Note to self- Order an extra large chocolate ice cream cake!
 Too many chocoholics in my family! 

My birthday was in the middle of the week this year and 
very relaxing after the busy week and weekend we had  celebrating
 Sarah's special day. Which was such a blessing this year having her
finally home with us. I never mentioned it to the girls so they didn't
even know until daddy came home and told them.
It was right before bedtime and Sarah came in and handed
 me a little gift and said, "Happy Birthday Mom." 
This sweet girl wrote me a note and the gift that came along
with it was a little bracelet that she had in her backpack
along with all her other special treasures from the orphanage. 

My heart has been so blessed by the precious gift of our new daughter.
I know she had to sit and use the translator to write this little note
 for me.  

Every good and perfect gift comes from above.
James 1:17