Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some how I deleted these two pics off of the last post. (frustrating)
We saw many dances. The little girls were precious. 
This young man was a hoot! 
 His family owns the restaurant where we had lunch.
 His Japanese wife works there also. He adored the girls.
We enjoyed all the info he shared with us about China.
 He is from northern China where everyone is very white
 and our girls are from the south and they have darker skin
 to protect them from the sun. Maybe that is why Jaden turns 
so dark in the summer. 
We met many friendly people while we were there.
One lady gave me her phone number and email even though
 we are a couple of hours away and told me she would love
 to teach Jaden how to speak Mandarin. I thought to myself, "Hmmm 
how does she know that since we went to China, Miss J walks 
around the house talking in her own version of Chinese?"  

I know CNY is a huge celebration in China. Similar to Christmas.
Instead of the red envelope with money this year we decided to do
 it a little different this year.
 After Christmas I found "Wan Ling", one of the Karito Kids dolls, on 
sale for a great price. (similar to American Girl dolls) So I purchased 
one for each of the girls. With Sarah being fourteen I wasn't sure that
 she would be interested. Yet knowing she was brought to the 
orphanage at three and a half, I thought I would get her one and see 
what she thought. So this was the girls gift for CNY. I think the picture
 says it all. She squealed with excitement when she saw her and was 
very excited to get her out of the box. Jaden was thrilled with
 Ling's beautiful hair. Then they both changed them into their pajamas
 and robe and proceeded to brush their dolls hair. Later Sarah did
 put her Ling in bed on the pillow next to her.
 Just makes my heart ache thinking of how different her life was
 growing up in the orphanage and then the last four and a half years 
living with her foster family along with five other children.
 (in the apartments on the orphanage grounds) 
Watching over the years as other children would leave
 and never return. What was going through her mind? 


  1. So sweet about the dolls! And I love how the girls are dressed alike in that last picture. Adorable!

    Oh and Lucy and Jaden must speak the same dialect because Lucy chats in "Chinese" also...but of course, even with Macy being completely fluent in the language, she is baffled and just sighs when Lucy exhibits her linguistic "abilities". LOL!

  2. The girls with their dolls - how very sweet!

  3. How sweet! It looks like they are having so much fun :) I bet it's an amazing sight to be able to see Jaden and Sarah sharing special moments like the ones pictured above.