Monday, November 25, 2013

God Had Other Plans!

We did have one family member that wanted absolutely nothing to do
with horses. She didn't even want a helmet or boots.
(I bought her a helmet anyway) Her thinking was they were a
disgusting animal. She thought we were all crazy. She didn't
even want to try a few lessons.There was no convincing her.
Until......... our neighbor wanted her to feed her three horses. :)
She even started taking lessons from the neighbor and is doing really
well. God has used the horses as great physical therapy for her also
in helping to break her out of her shell. She is starting to open up
saying more then one or two words with us when we are trying to
get her to have a conversation with us. She was teased so much and
called names by some of the nannies in the orphanage because of
the way she speaks (do to her movement disability). Then add to
that learning a new language. This child has been afraid to talk to
anyone for fear of being made fun of.
Stan shared with me how she surprised him one day recently when
he had said something to her and she actually had a conversation with
him. He was thrilled! She usually only speaks to me. Dec. 7 will be her
4 yr. family day So around here this is a big deal!

Her first lesson a few months ago.
She has to put the halter on and tie the horse and then pick her hooves,
 groom her and get her saddled up to before she even gets in the saddle.

Sarah enjoying her lesson.
Sarah loves our sweet baby boy Jackson.
 Yes sometimes they sneak a ride without their helmets.