Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Very Special Visitor

Trinity is here for a visit this summer.
We have known Trinity since the day she was born.
September 12, 1999
She lived with us for most of her baby and toddler yrs.
She was our God given foster child. (not through the
 legal system)  We are Grandma and Papa to her
and always will be. We love her as our own.
We would have kept her forever except......
  God had other plans, though painful at the time.
I now see how our Father in heaven used everything
that took place..... to open our hearts to the adoptions of
our three beautiful daughters from China.

When she was we little the Lord gave me a
verse for her and I have always shared it
with her.
For He will command His angels concerning
you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11
  They all enjoy the little critters around our house.
Sarah caught this little lizard and they all had a good
time checking him out. After a couple of days they fed
him some crickets and sent him on his way.
Our trip to San Diego.  

"Pick Me UP!!! PICK Me UP!!!"
Loves and named most of our tortoises
 She loved being my little helper in my Sunday school class,
learning many verses.
I pray the Lord place a Godly person in her life.
Most of all that she would know Him as her Savior
and how much He loves her.

This past Thanksgiving we finally were able to see
her again after several years!
Such a cutie!
Thanksgiving 2010
She still loves feeding the turtles!


  1. ohhhh how wonderful! What a sweetie!

  2. She is a beautiful girl! So glad she was able to visit you!