Monday, January 9, 2012

Her First Christmas

 We had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. It was so fun to see Chloe's reaction to everything. When we first brought the tree in the house she became upset. Yelling,  "No no no!" I assured her it would be ok and once we started decorating it she joined right in. Our baby Jesus got a lot of lovin' this year from Chloe, she couldn't resist holding the baby doll we use every year. Jaden read Luke 2:1-20 to our family and guests on Christmas Day sharing the birth of Jesus our Savior. After, she recited John 3:16, 17 from memory.  
Don't you just love the way Chloe is holding her pants up.
Poor girl those 3t's are a little big especially when she is
Chloe's first experience making Christmas cookies!
Jaden showing her the ropes. 
She got the hang of it very quickly.
Serious business!
She had a wonderful time!
Taste testing...... Yummy!!!
We studied about Pocahontas this year and Jaden really liked this doll.

A prayer warrior in the making.
Yup, that is the guitar she wanted in the
background. She started lessons a few
months ago.
Her very own baby! (she always wants to play with J's)

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