Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrating Jaden!!!

April 2 Jaden turned 7 yrs. old.
That's right SEVEN!!!
It is hard to believe! The time has gone by so quickly.
I remember celebrating her first birthday with us..... she
was just two yrs. old. Look at her now! 
Very surprised to get Lego Friends.
She only wanted one thing and that was a
sewing machine.
 Don't you love that smile? She lost two teeth
right before her birthday! She had lost her first
tooth last year when we were in China.
Jaden loves horses.
Bet you can't guess what she wants for Christmas.
Poor Chloe doesn't remember her first birthday with us last June.
 She had so much going on in her little life. We had brought her
home 3 wks. before her birthday. First Sarah and now Jaden having
birthdays I think she was feeling a little left out.
 She did handle it fairly well.
This little cutie wanted strawberry shortcake for her  birthday.
We can't wait to see the wonderful plans God has for you!

Happy Birthday, Jaden you are one amazing little girl!!!


Hmmmmmm.......... I guess this momma is going to have to learn how to sew.
 One very excited and happy little girl!
We love you!


  1. I hope she had a wonderful birthday! She just keeps getting cuter!

  2. Happy birthday, Jaden! The years are going by all too quickly. You are a beautiful young lady. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Jaden!!
    what a sweet smile~!