Sunday, April 1, 2012

Look Who Flew In

The other day I heard giggles coming from the living room. 
I went to check it out and found two little fairies fluttering around.
Jaden's inquisitive mind wanted to see how fairies fly.
  We even talked a little about gravity since we just studied 
about it in science. What goes up will come down.   
take off
Do you think this girl is having fun?
This girl got some air!
Smooth landing.
"I know if I jump high enough I can make it
all the way up to Jesus' house!"

Coming in for another smooth landing.
(love the latest hair trend)

Her little fairy princess sidekick wasn't
about to be left out.
A jump in the air from the floor. I think we
have a cheerleader in the making.
Oh, and Jaden knows after her flying photo shoot.
 NO More Flying Off The Fireplace. :) 
She can save flying practice for the pool,
landing in water is much more fun and easier
than on the floor.
With the temperatures almost 90 it will be
very soon!

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  1. Two very pretty little fairies! Looks like they had a blast! Loved her hair in the picture!