Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Party

                        My sweet Jaden, I can't believe
                        you are four years old. It seemed
                       like yesterday you had just turned three. 
                       You were so thrilled this year!
                       I could see a special sparkle in your eyes and 
                       your face aglow with excitement, for you 
                       decided that every day of this week was your
                       special day that God made just for you. You
                       walked and danced around the house all week
                      with your jeweled crown on  your little head 
                       and your little dress-up shoes clickity-clacking 
                       on the floor. You were celebrating in your own
                       special way as only His princess can do.

                              Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl
                          One from last year with cousin Christy
                          Pink Strawberry Ice Cream Cake!!!
                            And of course a pink pinata.

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Jaden!! Can't believe the first of our girls is 4!! LOVE the picture of you with your presents!!! Miss you guys!!