Wednesday, July 22, 2009

90 Days and Waiting

After receiving all kinds of paperwork to fill out (via email) to be
prepared for our RA/LOA (Referral Acceptance/Letter of Acceptance)
this past friday I thought for sure RA/LOA would be in the batch
that came yesterday. So when it wasn't I was a little discouraged
and sad. I just kept asking,"The Lord why?" "Please help me to keep
trusting in your perfect timing."

This was today's devotional from Streams In The Dessert

And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious
unto you . . . blessed are all they that wait for Him
(Isaiah 30:18)

We must not only think of our waiting upon God, but also of what is
more wonderful still, of God's waiting upon us. The vision of Him
waiting on us will give new impulse and inspiration to our waiting
upon Him. It will give us unspeakable confidence that our waiting
cannot be in vain. Let us seek even now, at this moment, in the spirit
of waiting on God, to find out something of what it means. He has
inconceivably glorious purposes concerning every one of His
children. And you ask, "How is it, if He waits to be gracious, that
even after I come and wait upon Him, He does not give the help
I seek, but waits on longer and longer?"
God is a wise husbandman, "who waiteth for the precious fruit of
the earth, and hath long patience for it." He cannot gather the fruit
till it is ripe. He knows when we are spiritually ready to receive the
blessing to our profit and His glory. Waiting in the sunshine of
His love is what will ripen the soul for His blessing. Waiting under
the cloud of trial, that breaks in showers of blessings, is as needful.
Be assured that if God waits longer than you could wish, it is only
to make the blessing doubly precious. God waited four thousand
years, till the fullness of time, ere He sent His Son. Our times are
in His hands; He will avenge His elect speedily; He will make haste
for our help, and not delay one hour too long.
Andrew Murray

Wow! When I think of how hard headed and stubborn I can
be it sure makes me thankful that my Father in heaven is
so gracious and merciful and that He waits patiently for
me. I will praise Him in the waiting.


  1. Kathy--I was so hoping that you guys received yours. We did not receive the call either. I was really expecting it also. Can you belive all the paperwork we are filing out again? I was hoping all that was over!
    You always have great posts. I love your outlook on life and the waiting stage.

  2. Kathy, I'm so sorry your LOA did not come. I will continue to pray that you receive it soon. I too love your posts.

    I received the paperwork last week and was a bit surprised. I'm not even sure what to do with it at this point. We hope to be DTC next month but who knows. In Gods timing.

  3. Kathy, we were at the long end of our LOA wait and waited 115 agonizing days. It's tough, tougher that anyone can imagaine! I'm so sorry and will be praying for you! hang in there!!