Thursday, September 10, 2009

Palm Tree Full Of Surprises

We started working on our Alphabet letters a few weeks ago.
We always search for things through out the week that start
with our letter for the week. I was watering this palm tree that
is very thick and low to the ground and all of a sudden this cute
baby bunny came running out. We were practicing writing the
letter B earlier in the morning!

Desert living can be very interesting. From cute bunnies to........
Today I was watering some flowers in a large pots
near the same palm tree. I decided to set the hose
in the palm tree for a little bit. When I took the hose
out to water some more of the flowers I walked around
the palm tree and there was a baby rattlesnake coiled up
(me in flip flops) Thank you, Jesus for watching over me.
I ran to get a shovel and my camera. :) and he was already
on the move. He ended up back in the palm tree. I have been
told baby rattlesnakes are very dangerous because they tend
to unload all their venom when they bite. We have had 4 to 5
foot rattlesnakes many times in the past and they are scary.
The babies are worse because they aren't as easy to spot and
their rattles aren't as loud. This guy was coiled up you couldn't
even see his rattles. He didn't seem to upset that I was right
there. I could tell he was a diamond back by his markings and
viper shaped head. When he was on the move you could see the
black rings around his tail and three little rattles.
(click on pic to see better) We are not on the letter S yet!
We will refer back to this post for Sammy the slimy slippery
snake who slithered away.


  1. That is a BABY??? Oh my! In our neck of the woods, I think that would be a large one. We do have rattlesnakes here too, but they tend to stay in the woods thank goodness!

    Came over to your blog from AWAA SN ya*hoo group. We are now DTC for our older son! Thanks for sharing your journey. BTW, I have your blog on my sidebar as I that to check in on blogs that are of interest to me. If that is not OK, please let me know and I will remove it. :)

    Leslie (roomforatleastonemore (dot) wordpress (dot) com)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your sweet note of encouragement.
    Your family is absolutely precious. I cannot wait to see your newest addition in your arms :)

    Eeeek---I HATE snakes. We live high in the mountains in CO--one huge blessing is that we don't have them up here :) I hate the winters here (I am from sunny South Africa)--but the absence of snakes is definitely a bonus :)

    Can't wait to journey with you :)