Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Months Home

Jaden just adores her big sis! She is always bossing helping her out.
Sarah is very good with her. Since Jaden never stops talking we figure Sarah will be speaking English very well real soon! That is if she can ever get a word in with chatter-box Jaden. :) 
Sarah has been saying single words for things like banana, yogurt and many others. She has always said, "Thank you." She has surprised me lately with saying some little phrases in English. Last night I was looking for something and she said, "On dining room table." Also "I don't know, you decide." "Mom I don't understand English." She was reminding me because I was talking away to her. I know she doesn't understand but I still chat away. ;)               Last Wednesday Sarah had her MRI. She was very nervous. So I explained through the hand held translator everything that was going to take place. I showed her via the internet what the machine looked like. We even had Lu, our sweet sister in Christ (UofA student from China) explain everything in Chinese. Thanks to all my prayer warrior friends she did very well. She is such a brave girl.                                
Every once in awhile I am surprised when I start to download pictures
a certain four yr. old loves to take pictures! Ceiling shots, the floor,
kitchen cabinets, even her toy cars! Oh, and I know she has a partner
in crime because Jaden is in many of the pictures also. ;) This is a
recent picture I found on my camera taken by Jaden.


  1. Glad to hear the MRI went well - praying for good results and clear direction.

  2. Wow, she has come so far! Her English sounds great. MRI's can be scary, I'm glad it went well. Keep us posted on the results. I'll be praying.