Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

 Fun in the corn maze.
Check out our guide. Doesn't he look serious?
 Hmmm......I wonder why he never reads a map when we travel. ;) 
How much further? 
Yup!  Four+six=ten  This little girl loves her math!
I can't believe she is already five and a half. She is growing up way to fast for me.

 We found ten!!!   
Hayride out to the pumpkin patch and a much needed breeze. Yes, it is still hot!   
"I can hold it!"
Searching for the perfect pumpkin.Another first for Sarah.   
       We had a such a good time with our son and grandchildren  
Wish we could see them more often.


  1. Love your maze guide. He took his job seriously. Too funny.

    Great pics!

    I better get going and get my girls to the pumpkin patch too!

  2. Looks like a really fun time!!

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Happy Fall to you! :)

  4. What wonderful pics of your precious family! That's what our pumpkin patches are missing...MOUNTAINS! ;)