Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Tooth!

Our little tease!  She kept trying to eat the candy.

Finally got her focused on decorating not eating everything up.
This girl was having lots of fun!
We had much more fun this year.
No jet lag and Sarah understands
more of what is going on.
Jaden's gingerbread man with his huge
eyes. (hard to see she used white candies)

Now to start eating!


  1. I'm enjoying these "firsts" with Haleigh, but think it will be more fun next year when she understands more! Right now she is just on sensory overload!

  2. Yes, what a difference a year makes. Love those precious smiles.

  3. I'm very impressed. We tried to make a gingerbread house last year (tried is the word to focus on) I posted the pictures last year on my blog