Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Surprises Are The Best!

When I got home from a lunch date the other day I found these
 sweet, colorful, little birds hanging from our dining room light fixture. 

   We have a talented origami artist in our home!

   In between each bird, were beads spelling tis message:         

"I love mine family"

Sarah has come so far in the short fourteen months she has been home.



  1. How precious! She is such a gem. Can't wait to meet her some day.

  2. What a blessing she is to your famiy!!!

  3. Wow Kathy--so precious!!! I bet a bit of tear welled up in your eye--your heart was pumping loudly with JOY and overwelming peace that she is really finding her way to comfort--at a level that only a part of your family can feel. It's must have been a deeply moving moment.

    So sweet.