Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kevin's and Megan's Day

On 9/10/11 a very special event took place and I am very behind on posting about this exciting day.
The day our son and his fiance became one in Christ.
 Skipping over the puddles to our seats.
Kevin the handsome groom.

Sarah was so excited to be a bridesmaid!
Two cuties!

Our three sons and Kevin's good friend.

Would you believe there was a snake right next to the bride!?!
I thought she handled it very well considering she is scared of snakes.
Right before everything started we were all entertained  by the
appearance of some unexpected guests........
A few javelina and their little ones made their way through the seats
as if they were the only ones there.
 (The wedding took place is about 5 minutes from our house)

 The clouds made a beautiful background and the low rolling thunder
made it very romantic.

Started raining again as we were taking pics.
Megan's parents and grandma along with us and my mom and dad.

Chloe and my nephew Cory. They had a great time dancing!
I love this picture of Skylee. Just look at that precious smile.
Another precious smile!
We were able to have the wedding outside. Then the rain came
again so the reception couldn't be outside in the beautiful
 courtyard. Go figure we barely get rain and when we finally do
 it was on their wedding day.
 Praising and thanking Him in everything!
 It was still a beautiful wedding and wonderful reception!
We are so blessed to have Megan as a part of our family! 


  1. Beautiful wedding pictures! Congratulations to the entire family! The snakes, however, would have done me in! I think I would have been sitting in the car!