Saturday, February 18, 2012

Someone Turned........

SWEET 16!!!
Yum! Chocolate cherry cake!
 Sarah's request, along with grilled salmon 
and mashed potatoes for dinner.
Daddy surprised her with red roses!
Hard to believe she is already 16 yrs. old! 
It seems like yesterday we came home 
three weeks before her 14th birthday
These past two years have gone by so quickly.We missed out on so many birthdays. We cherish the ones we celebrate now. 
Thank-you Jesus for our precious daughter!    Everyone has such busy schedules these days, so we just had a little get together with her two brothers, their wives and Julie. Desiree's sweet mom. (She was behind the camera!)


  1. Sweet Sixteen to Sarah! It looks like she enjoyed her birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to Sweet Sarah! Love hearing about your girls. Agree -- time is flying by much too quickly.

  3. Happy Sweet Sixteen to your sweet Sarah!

    What a lovely celebration you had!

  4. Kathy, I love the family picture! Your smiles show joy. Happy birthday to Sarah!