Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another First For Sarah And Chloe

Chloe wasn't to sure about the wet sand between
her toes.  She wanted it off her feet.
(a little sensory issue)
Sarah was very excited and Jaden was her giggly self!
(just like the first time she saw the ocean)
Not very thrilled about all of this.
This is definitely not my swimming pool!
Ok....... could they just clean up this strange grassy stuff.
"Hey sis, this isn't so bad after all."
Ewww..... get this icky seaweed off of my foot!
To be continued...............


  1. SO adorable!

    I love the girls' outfits...so beachy!

  2. Wow! very cool! If they need more practice in the ocean, i know a family on the Oregon Coast who would welcome you with open arms (hint, hint)!!

    it would be quite a bit colder for you, tho:-)

    love the pictures. hugs to you all!

  3. I have never seen the ocean so your girls have beat me! Loved their white outfits - they looked so cute! And I loved how you caught their facial expressions!

  4. great pictures and a beautiful beach! These made me smile, we have a sensory kiddo and I have a series of pictures from a couple of years ago that look about the same:)
    Enjoy your time as a family there it looks amazing!