Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Sweet Memories 2012

Notice something different?
No more swim vest!
Chloe learned how to swim this summer!
Roxy the newest member of the family. 
Sleeping in her toy box with her Lamb Chop! 
We always get our special summer visitor. We miss you Trinity!
Jaden rescued this lizard from the pool.
She is our little animal, critter lover.
He was playing possum.
 We have such an awesome Creator!
Look at the beautiful coloring.
"Hey! Who ate all the smores?" 


  1. Love it all! ESPECIALLY the lizard cute (Jaden looks so serious about her rescue!).

    Fun, fun, FUN!!

    Love the motorcycle pics too. :) (And the doggie pics.)

    It's all good!

  2. I never visit your blog--but I think, "You have such a gorgeous family!"

    Love and God Bless Kathy!

    Izabella's Mommy