Friday, May 22, 2009

Plugged toilet.... Jaden's solution

Italic                   The problem roots!!! 

                        The culprit!

Jaden wanted to use the main bathroom this morning.
I told her to use the one in my bedroom instead.
Her comment back was... "Why?" "I can use the squatty potty."

        The new American squatty potty.


  1. Girl, if you post pictures like that you need to tell us what they are! LOL Are those branches? Taylor thought it was an animal but I told her she was crazy! :)

  2. OOPS! The phone rang and I thought
    I hit save and I hit publish. LOL

  3. I'm totally LOL here! I LOVED Jaden's comment.

  4. Kathy I loved this post. Thanks for a giggle early in the am. You mentioned in your last email that you pass thru. Please please please give us a call and we can meet for lunch or come over for a BBQ!

    your friends in Chandler

  5. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Thank you SO SO SO much for your prayers and thank Jaden too. The prayers of a child are so powerful!!!!!
    Hugs to you guys!

  6. I posted pics of those flowers on my blog! Did you have to dig it up? :(