Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Down on the farm

Jaden enjoying the ride out to the u pick fields.
She loves hats and since I didn't bring one
for her I never did get mine back. : )

Three years ago today we received the long awaited phone call
we had a referral of a little Asian princess named Shu Qin.
We have been blessed beyond measure!
As soon as I can get the pics off of the old computer
I will post them. We LOVE you Jaden Faith!

You want MORE green beans?
Jaden had so much fun picking fresh vegetables.
She is an amazing little helper!
Is this big enough?


  1. How cute:) Wish we had a U-pick fields around here! We attempted a garden for the first time and well... lets just say we do not have a green thumb:)

    Thinking and praying for you and your precious daughter in China.