Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hard Work and Precious Conversation

This four year old sweetie never stops blessing my heart.
She wanted to help take the husks off the corn. So I explained
and showed her what to do.
She very seriously got to work.
Oops! Daddy get your hand out of the picture!
This precious girl was on a mission.
Chattering away as she was seriously working.
Several times she said,"Mommy I love you and I love helping you."
"Do you want to know why?" So I asked,"Why sweetie?"
She said,"It is because God put a lot of love in me."
This little girl just blesses my heart!
Jaden worked very hard even cleaning the stringy things off each cob.
When we stopped to have dinner she had done 34 ears of corn!!!


  1. "Because God put a lot of love in me." That is MORE than precious! What a gem she is.

  2. Oh my gracious...what a precious blessing that little girly is!! You've obviously done a great job instilling the love of Jesus into her!

  3. Kathy, which pictures would you like. i still have jaden's referral picture if you need that one. i'll send you some!!
    AND, what a great post . . . your helper is adorable!!!

  4. She is amazing! 34 ears! My hands would have been so sore!!