Saturday, October 24, 2009

Special Drawing

Jaden's butterfly for Jesus.Before DH hung up Piper's butterflies one had disappeared.
Little later I found out where it had gone. Jaden came up and
handed me her picture of the butterfly she traced and told me
it was for Jesus, then asked if she could go give it to Him now.
Oh, and of course, she wants me to go with her. So I told her
He sees and loves your beautiful butterfly, just as He loves you.
Oh sweet girl there are days I long for Jesus
to come and take us home. Until then we need
to be lights in this dark world and share His love.

Bible story time
Jesus Calms The Storm
Mark 4:35-41

The affirmation: I will run to Jesus when I am afraid.
Jaden pondered for a few minutes and then looked at
me and said, "Well.... actually you can't run to Jesus."
I explained to her the way we run to Jesus is by praying
when we are afraid and He will give us His peace.
She memorized the Fruit Of The Spirit this week and
we have been discussing each fruit. What perfect timing.
This precious four year old always is amazing me.

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