Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Little Adventure

 We had a very cold week and even had snow in some parts of the city. We are outside the city and saw some snowflakes but not enough to amount to anything. So we thought we would head up to the Mount Lemmon to play in the snow. Oh. My. Goodness. I think the whole city had the same idea. Traffic going up was crazy as you will see at the bottom of this post. (I give up getting these pics in order) After what seemed like forever we finally made it to Windy Point which was the area you had to stop at if you didn't have chains or a 4 wheel drive and of course was packed. No problem we have a 4 wheel drive and it looked like the traffic really thinned out. Well Dh  someone had to use the restroom so I figured we all should and when we came out the sheriff had just finished putting up cones and telling everyone the ski lodge parking lot was full and there were to many vehicles up there. : (  Such a disappointment. I was looking forward to getting in the pines and much more snow. It was the first time Jaden had ever seen snow and she didn't mind at all. She just couldn't wait to see what it felt like, how it smelled and yes even what it tasted like. We still had a wonderful time taking in all of God's beautiful creation.       
First we tortured Jaden and took a few pictures.
"It is the first time I have seen snow guys.......
I just want to get playing in it!"
Heading up the mountain.
A much happier Jaden after she had a little time playing in the snow.

Sarah has played in the snow in China so she new what it was like.
All the way up this little girl who never stops talking was so excited and full
of questions. "What does snow feel like? Is it cold? Can you just pull over and
let me touch some? Does it smell? How come we didn't get snow? What makes snow?"
I love her curious mind and the teachable moments. 
Hmmmm....... I wonder who made this snowman? ; )
The traffic was so slow you could get out and walk.
We told the girls that we will go up one day during the week
when there are fewer people heading up. We will find a nice
spot to do some tubing and make some wonderful snow angels.


  1. That's so funny that everyone was flocking to the snow. Most people here would be trying to get away from it! :)

    The snowman is HILARIOUS!!!! You need to frame a pic of that and it will give you some good giggles when it's 100+ degrees outside!

    So cute that Jaden was so full of questions about the snow. She's such a doll!

    Both girls are just darling!

  2. Oh how special, first snow! It's unfathomable to me as I was on skis at the age of two. My kids would have all sorts of questions about living in the desert, though! Hope you make it back up this week.

  3. Snow is something we are tired of around here! LOL! Beautiful pictures! I love the scenery!

  4. What a wonderful day together - sweet first memories in the snow!