Friday, March 18, 2011

Have I Ever Mentioned.......

Have I ever mentioned  . . .
That Jaden is a child that rarely ever stops talking?
She even talks in her sleep!
We have days where she amazes me with her constant chatter.
One night before Christmas as we were driving home
after our Bible Study classes.  She just started talking
away about Christmas being a time of giving and not getting.
She has always talked about the children who have

as she says, "None toys."

"Mom, God blesses us when we help others and give to them."
We should think of others first. Well, Jesus first, others second,
yourself last. "Hey Mom, that's what you always say, . . JOY!"
"Jesus, Others, Yourself."
"Some people don't have very much. Jesus came on Christmas, then He died for us and three days later He rose again. That's Easter!
We need to share Jesus' love.
Jesus loves us and wants us to love others. Ok mom I'm tired of talking now." (Sigh.)

Before Jaden had this conversation we had mentioned selling her little
kitchen at a yard sale we planned to have to raise funds for our
The letter she wrote all on her own and wanted sent
with the kitchen. Don't you just love that postage
stamp?  :)
adoption. She told us no she wanted it for children
who have, "none toy"s. So........ with the help of a friend,
her kitchen is now in a orphanage in Mexico.
We were surprised and blessed with a couple of thank-you cards
and this precious picture of her kitchen in the nursery at the orphanage!
Jaden very carefully put her thank-you cards and the picture back in
the envelope so they would be safe. She just quietly sat down to do
her school work but the look on her face showed the joy she had
knowing her kitchen is with God's precious little ones.


  1. Oh my word! That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. What a huge heart. God's got big plans for her!

  2. AWESOME story, what a heart, so sweet!