Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Special Quiet Place

Tucked away in the peaceful desert mountains is a little chapel.
A place I love to go and spend quiet time with the Lord.

This little chapel has been around since 1951.
They have done a little renovation with a new roof.

Inside is a rock pulpit and brick benches (pews).  Also a fireplace which
they have also done a little renovation work on.

I thought it would be fun to share my special place
 with the girls.
Jaden standing in the breezeway. 
The other side says FAITH.

Outside is a pulpit and more brick pews.
Also there is a nice trail for a small hike
up into and through the hills. 

Beautiful views when sitting on the benches.
Sarah soaking in God's beautiful creation.

I have a feeling this girl will be sharing God's love
and His gift of salvation with many one day.
Two cuties!


  1. What an incredible beautiful relaxing spot!!! One can't help but see God in His beautiful creation!

  2. I love it there. It is very quiet and a great place to spend time with God and look at all he has given us.. its amazing!

  3. That's gorgeous, Kathy! What a precious place to have to go to.

  4. Hi Sarah, I'll be sooo glad have a friend like you.. :)

  5. Did this used to be call Sanctuary Cove???

  6. I believe it still is called Sanctuary Cove.