Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Very Animated!

Her reaction surprised us! I wish we had the
video camera going. The pictures really don't
capture her excitement.  She actually started jumping
 up and down with excitement squealing and chattering
away in Chinese and a few English words.
LOOK Sarah.....Can you believe it!?!

"Look Momma!!"
Daddy stepped out of the room not realizing
she was going to open another gift.
"Daddy, Daddy come!!"
 I need to sit!
(Couldn't get these
3 pics in the correct order. GRRRR)
She couldn't get them out of the box fast enough!
Putting them on right away!
Then she became shy.


  1. Looks like it so much fun!!!! So happy she was home for her birthday!

  2. your blog had me crying tears of joy tonight.... I love watching the Lord transform your three girls lives and transform your hearts

  3. Oh Kathy--I LOVE all the little surprises these precious children bring. Thanks for sharing this moment--it's a treasure!

    I am reminded so many 5 year olds would be happy to have gotten this gift--but this little 5-year old--well, everything, everyday is over the top--and beyond her wildest dreams.

    They sure do give "appreciation" a whole new meaning.

    She's sooooo stinkin' precious. And I love Jaden's excitement for her in the background. Blessings abound my Friend.