Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Princess And Her Baths

Since we have come home the little princess loves taking a bath.
Still not so thrilled with getting her hair washed.
 After her bath I wrapped her in this princess towel 

and ever time I would try to remove it to comb
her hair she would put the crown right back
 on her head.
 She was willing to get in the strange big bathtub.
Today she was trying to follow Sarah kicking and moving
her arms as fast as she could trying to catch up with her.
She didn't get very far with me holding her tummy to help 
her keep balanced and until she learns to keep her head up
a little better.

Later as I was holding her in the shallow end 
of the pool
 I noticed she had become sooooo relaxed I lifted her 
sunglasses and she was sound asleep in my arms.
Makes me think of a verse in the song
 by Steven Curtis Chapman
When Love Takes You In
When love takes you home and says you belong here.
The loneliness ends and a new life begins.
When love takes you in.


  1. ohhhh so sweet!!! She is a princess - a daughter of the King!

  2. What a beautiful new life Chloe has been welcomed into. Love that song!

  3. What a little sweetie! Love her princess towel!

  4. I LOVE that princess towel! So fitting for Miss Chloe. So glad I got to meet you little Treasures in China!