Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Have We Been Up To?

Sailboats made and ready for..............
the boat races!
With a perfect breeze they were on their way.

Wigwams and  beautifully decorated Teepees

We have planted corn 
and made homemade butter.
The girls decided it is easier to go to the store and buy butter.
We have enjoyed studying the Indians, Pilgrims
and Colonial times.
Chloe has now learned the letter D.
She is writing gigantic letter A's now. ;)
So next week we will start working on
the letter E.
 When we are reading she recognizes the
letters she has learned and gets very excited
pointing at and shouting saying the letter.

Little sweetheart tries so hard to keep up with her sisters.
From the Pledge of Allegiance to wanting to say their bible
verses instead of her easier version. 


  1. So neat to see you all enjoying home schooling!

  2. is moving so quickly. Can not believe how big she's getting! And so smart...learning letters already!

    God's been so good to you--so happy to see you're all doing so well!