Friday, June 15, 2012

Catching Up.................

We met our youngest daughter our precious gift from the Lord!
A year ago May 15........
We met our sweet Chloe Joy An!!!
God has truly blessed us with this precious little girl who has such a loving and sweet heart.
This year has flown by so quickly!
It seems like only yesterday we were in China meeting our newest little treasure!
Handprint for adoption
Officially ours! But God already knew! 
She loved playing ball in the room.
I can't seem to get this pic and the one above in the right order.
(I give up)
The one(above)of Jaden and Chloe is the next morning when we went back
to do our adoption paperwork. Chloe didn't want the director from the
orphanage near her and would walk clear across the room to
avoid her and watch to see if she was coming near her.  Check
out that face and the look in her eyes. Poor little sweetie wasn't
sure what was going on. She was afraid the director was going
 to take her away from us.
 Our precious little girl has been so happy to be with us from
the day we met. Only God could have prepared her little heart for
 all the changes in her life.
She is such a brave little girl. She has never looked back.
We have looked at pictures  from China and the orphanage
she says she wants to go visit. Only if mommy goes too!
Fun in the hotel

Hmmmmmm............. I could get used to all of this sightseeing.
Taking it all in and LOVING every minute of it!
Trying to brave stepping down from the side of the road.
She never could get up the courage.
Today she wouldn't  have a problem. She has come so
far in the past year! Thanking and praising the Lord for
all He is doing in her life and ours! 


  1. What a precious, beuatiful little girl! Chloe has come so far! I can't believe it has been a year already!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! I have loved watching your family grow. Hugs to you all. Love you!