Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Little Celebration

Celebrating Chloe being home a year already! 
Wow! This was a fast year! 
Eating some of her favorite food!
Chloe could not wait for her Gotcha Day celebration.
She has talked about it ever since Jaden and Sarah had theirs.
Our prayer..... for her to have a heart for the Lord.
She really wanted to have one of these bracelets like her sissy's.
Even though I bought the smallest size she is so tiny
 it may be a while before she can wear it.
She doesn't mind at all. She was just so excited to get her
very own bracelet like the big girls.

I love the charms we can add on it! She has a
butterfly because God used them for each one
of our adoptions. Also an airplane representing
her journey home to be with her forever family!
We can't wait to add more!

We thank God for bringing you home so quickly!
You have been such a blessing and a joy in our
lives this past year. We can't wait to see the plans
God has for you!
We love you Chloe Joy An!!!


  1. I'm FINALLY catching up with you blog!!
    love this post. Chloe is such a sweetie:-)

  2. Time goes so fast once they are home! It doesn't seem like a year already!