Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Bit Of Sarah

This past December we celebrated three yrs. with our Sarah!
I remember when Sarah first came home
 she was afraid of Ziva.
Now she loves our little peanut.

Sarah's first guitar recital!
This was a huge hurdle for her.
Poor girl was a nervous wreck. She is still extremely shy and
won't even talk in front of other people. Even when the family gets
together she stays very quiet. She did not want me to invite anyone.
So we honored her request, this time.
I told her to just close her eyes and imagine she was sitting
 at Jesus feet playing for Him. Also reminded her of
 Philippians 4:13
 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens.
Our sweet girl came and thanked me for all the encouraging
words before she went to bed that night.
 In January Sarah turned 17!!
We love you and are so blessed God chose us to be your family!
For her birthday she had a surprise birthday party at the bowling
alley. I forgot to bring the camera. : (  Her choice of cake was a peanut
butter/chocolate ice cream cake.
I know, I know! I am way behind on posting. 

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  1. What a sweetie-girl that Sarah is! I so wish we lived close together so she and Macy could be friends. I have a feeling they'd get along fabulously!

    Maybe some day we can get them together. :)