Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

Merry Christmas! Emanuel God IS with us!
Chloe had to leave Clarice next to the plate of cookies and carrots.
 She wanted her to visit with Rudolph when Santa stopped by.
 Looks like they enjoyed the treats. ; )
Very excited!
Chloe was so surprised to see something she asked for.
Last year was her very first Christmas and she became very upset
when we brought the tree in the house.  Not this year! She was very excited! 
She always makes a little fist up high and pulls her hand down
 as she says "Yeeeesh!" When she is excited about something.
Jaden has wanted a DSI for a couple of years.
Since this year it was all she wanted.
 I finally gave in.
Horse game of course.
I think someone was very happy to get the gift she really wanted.
 Ipod Touch! 

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