Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring In The Desert

Tohoono Chul Park

Many of these flowers grow wild along the mountain sides. Sarah likes the flowers that look like a daisy.
 I like the pink ones that look like a bell or a trumpet.

          Woke up to these hot air balloons flying over the house last Saturday.          
  Yup! Sarah has seen her first rattlesnake 4 1/2 ft. long sporting 14 rattles. We were about to pull in our driveway. So we stopped and let the girls take a good peek at it.(I should have taken a pic!) Poor girl didn't even want to get out of the car after we parked in the garage.
I usually walk while the girls ride their bikes. Sarah wasn't sure she wanted to do this anymore. I just told her we have to be very aware of our surroundings even in our backyard. Jaden said, "That's ok I will just run it over for you." :-o "No way!"  

Javelina (wild pigs) too! Sarah is probably
wondering what kind of place did we bring her to live!?!   Awwwww........ some cuteness! Baby Quails in a planter.  


  1. Just beautiful :)This type of weather is so great for outdoor activities!
    Charlotte =0)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I loved the flowers! The snake, well, I'm with Sarah! I almost stepped on one when I was little and have never liked them ever since! But I love spring and love all the signs of new life around our house as well!

  3. So nice, makes me want to move out west! I just love your precious family. Happy Easter!

  4. I miss the Arizona desert, but not the rattles!

  5. The baby quails! I wanna bring one home...and love it, and squeeze it, and kiss it...!
    Charlotte >:<