Sunday, April 18, 2010

Full Of Surprises

This girl can shoot some hoops!

She gets some lift too!
More lift!She may be under 50 percentile for height but it doesn't stop her from swishin'em in. Her dad asked her a few weeks ago if she wanted him to lower the backboard and hoop?  Her reply was,"No!" Now we know why. :)
 I found these pictures on my camera last night. Yup, my little camera thief was at it again. I am very impressed with Jaden's photo shots also!!!

Oh yeah,  I'm cool!

I love how my two girls spend such sweet time together!


  1. I love the expressions on her face; you can tell she loves the game!

  2. Jaden took all those shots? Holy cow, you got a sports star and a pro sports photographer!

  3. WOW, she can shoot!!! You can tell she really likes it!

  4. Wow- good job Sarah Grace!! Basketball may be her thing!! Great pictures!!

    Jadon is a good photographer, too!!

  5. What great pics! I love seeing her precious face and the JOY all over it beams from her heart! Love the T-shirt too. Praying always. Love you all! Annette Lynch