Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wonderful Junk Mail

Yesterday I had called our Hague Officer and found out
he still hadn't received our addendum yet.  He told me
he would email our approval once he received and checked
out our paperwork.  I checked later yesterday and today no 
email.  A lady from one of the yahoo groups I am a member
of mentioned our post were going into spam.  Hmmm...... I
thought maybe it came and went into our junk mail.  Ahhhhh.....
probably not it hasn't been that long since we talked.  I felt this
nudging to go LOOK. Yup! There it was! Our Officer emailed 
about an hour after I had talked to him yesterday.  Letting us
know we were APPROVED!!!!!! He also wrote that he would 
send our paperwork out immediately via the mail. 

Thank you Jesus!  We are getting closer to bringing
home our sweet girl.



  1. Yeah!! Praise The Lord!! She'll be home before you know it!!!

  2. How wonderful! Your verse from Habakkuk says it all! Hold it in your heart and trust in God to care for your sweet daughter as you wait.