Thursday, March 12, 2009

Praising The Lord!!!!

I just received an email from our FC letting us know we
have our PA!!!!!!
We are pre approved to adopt our daughter.  We have 3 months 
to send in our Dossier.  Our officer at the USCIS office had a couple
of questions.  We have sent our answer in.  We are waiting for the 
addendum our SW needed to add.  Just talked with her this morning
and she is sending it priority mail to us.  Once I have received it I will
overnight it to the USCIS.  Then wait for them to send us our approved
I-171 form.  Then we run downtown to the Secretary of States
Satellite Office and get their stamp of approval and overnight
them to the Chinese Consulate for their stamp of approval and 
once they come back.  We send our Dossier to our agency and they
check it over and they send it to China DTC. (Dossier To China)  
We were told that RA(referral acceptance) could take 3 to 5 months. 

More waiting on HIS perfect timing.


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  1. The blog looks great and is full of exciting news! :) Congrats on your next steps to bringing Piper home! -Kate