Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God's Gift For Sarah

For Thanksgiving we always go up to my brothers house
about an hour and a half away. We spend the night and
always have a good time. This year one of our nieces
Christy couldn't wait for us to meet her new boyfriend
Austin, especially Uncle Trouble. He always gives the
girls a hard time and tells them he will have to approve
their boyfriends.
Well first and most important of all he has a heart
for the Lord. Then the fact that he is into knifes was a plus.
Oh, and Austin is from Texas and a Dallas Cowboys fan. So
he has been approved! His family recently moved here from
Texas. So they joined in on our Thanksgiving Day festivities.
They have a little girl around Jaden's age who they adopted
domestically. So we already felt a connection with Austin's
family. We shared about our adoptions. Everyone new
that we were leaving for China the next week for our
13 yr. old daughter.
Now fast forward to Christmas...... Austin's family left for
Texas. Christy and Austin spent Christmas night with
us and headed out for Texas early the next morning.
When they were on their way back home. Christy called to
let me know they were stopping by to bring back a tarp they
borrowed. She also had mentioned they had a gift for Sarah.
When they arrived Christy had Sarah's gift in her hand
and told us there is a story behind it she wanted to share
with us first.

It was Austin's SIL's last day where she was working and a woman
at her work came up to her and told her God had put on her heart
to give her this book. (The women & DH are involved in Chinese
Mission work) Austin's SIL took the book and looked at it and
thought it was strange because she didn't know anyone Chinese.
Then at Christmas she is sharing the story and Austin's mom tells
her that Christy's Aunt has a little one she adopted from China
and just came home with their 13 yr. old daughter. Austin's SIL
suddenly realized and exclaimed, "The book is for her!"
ItalicThe book is in Simplified Chinese and English!
Austin's SIL also had written a prayer in it before she
even new who it was for.
It brought me to tears and still does as I share.

We have a loving Father in heaven who knew
my hearts desire to share who He is and His love
with our sweet daughter and He helped give me a
wonderful start with this awesome book of His
Attributes. I am in awe and so blessed at how He
works in our lives.

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called the children of God.
I John 3:1
Sarah and I sit reading this book together every evening.
I had given Sarah a children's Story Bible written in Chinese
in her stocking for Christmas. I had decided to wait on giving
her the NIV Bible that is in Chinese/English until she
understood more. Well after receiving this wonderful gift I
have decided to give her the Bible on her birthday which is


  1. We serve a Mighty God, don't we! What a neat story . . . thanks so much for sharing it (even though it made me cry)!! :-)

  2. Isn't God Amazing!

    I sent Anna Li a book with her Christmas presents and I thought it might be a little hard for her but I was hoping her mom or sister would read it to her.It was about being a Christian Teen and had a lot of great information in it. When she called she said it was her favorite gift (liked it more than the digital camera!) and she could read it all by herself! Missing her like crazy but so thankful that she is truly happy now!

  3. Sarah looks so happy! She is incredibly blessed to have parents who are faithful in following God's will.

  4. Wow, what an amazing story! What a beautiful book as well.

  5. That is too amazing! Only God could put something like that together.