Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Month Home

One month home with Sarah and she has amazed us in 
so many ways. She is a very polite young lady always thanking us and others (in English) for even the little things. She is opening up a lot more at home, yet is still extremely shy with everyone else. Always willing to help. Makes her bed
every morning. If I don't get the clothes folded right away she will see them and fold them. She sees me cleaning and starts cleaning in another room for me. She is so precious. She enjoys helping in the kitchen.
I am happy to say she has become relaxed enough to freshen up and come and have breakfast in her PJ's. At first she would always get up and freshen up and dress for the day. Some may think that is great. Not really. It was almost as if she was a visitor. We want her to feel relaxed and comfy in her home. She is now singing away in the shower and her favorite song so far 
is "My Savior My God"  by Aaron Shust.
I know at times it is awkward for us both. For me the lack of being able to sit and hold a conversation with her is hard and frustrating. I can't imagine what is going on in her mind. (she probably thinks these people are crazy!) That's ok we are! ;)
It sure gets a lot of giggles out of her. Especially her dad is always making her laugh. She can't understand us most of the time unless we are using the translator. I feel like it must be very lonely for her. Yet she continues on.... taking everything in. 
She told me right before we left China she wanted to learn English. She is working very hard with Rosetta Stone Homeschooling Version. She works for hours everyday. She will write out the words and sayings and look them over even when she isn't working on the program. She also uses and studies The New Oxford Picture Dictionary. She is starting to understand more and more English. With little miss J's help she will be talking in no time. As some of you know, especially those from our travel group, Jaden talks almost non stop! She is pretty persistent when she wants to talk with you, "Excuse me! Excuse me!!!" I heard her the other day asking Sarah which name she was going to choose from the Mulan movie for herself and she didn't stop until she got an answer. I was actually very surprised Sarah did answer her back repeating what Jaden had said to her along with a name.
We read her book of God's Attributes together and her Bible. We have started her in a book my sweet friend Jocelyn suggested for reading and she recognized it right away and told me that is what they were teaching her with in China using the British version! She is a very willing student. I know she likes to do school work. 
I thought she was further behind in math until I started doing placement tests with her. She is doing Algebra. (except she can't read the word problems)
Now with Christmas, New Years and birthdays all over we are settling into a new normal and focusing on school.

She is willing to try everything we eat and has liked almost
everything. Except steak!! :-/ I know, I know they don't really
eat red meat in China. She does like hamburgers though, and
beef tacos, chicken, salmon. She is into spicy and hot foods. 
Fruits, yogurt and instant oatmeal.The list goes on. She wasn't 
very found of pork chops and forget green beans and 
salads. She is used to eating most her vegetables cooked.    
Just like Jaden, her favorite is noodles. She didn't even 
want me to buy rice at the chinese store. Hmmm.......... 
I studied her like crazy in China to see everything she was 
eating so I could find foods she would like to eat.  
This tiny little girl can put away the food. I just haven't 
figured out where it goes!?! She is well under the 50
percentile for weight and height. 88 lbs. and 4' 9". 

On Sunday (the 17th) Sarah and Jaden were sitting in
the kitchen as I was preparing dinner. I heard a thud
and looked there was Jaden on the floor crying. I thought
she tripped but much to my surprise Sarah pushed her.
I looked at her and asked if she had, and sure enough, she
did. Jaden had grabbed her arm pinching her and Sarah 
reacted with a shove.
So after talking with her and J about it they both apologized. 
During dinner Sarah seemed extra quiet. After dinner I cleaned
up and went into Sarah's room she was sitting at her desk and J
on the bed I touched her shoulder and told her it was okay and 
she stood up and I put my arms around her and she just lost it. 
We stood there for well over an hour as she cried. Jaden even
asked,"How long are you going to keep loving on her mom?"
I told her, "As long as it takes. I used to do the same for you
when you were real sad and crying also." Her reply, Oh okay,
mommy." My heart was just breaking for her. Towards the end
Sarah pulled away and said, "Mom..... I love you."(First time)
Totally melted my heart. She hadn't really grieved at all since
bringing her home so I was very relieved to be able to just love
on her as she went through it even though it was heartbreaking. 

One month to the day we arrived home her
"Certificate of Citizenship" arrived in the mail.
God is so good!  Shen Ben Wei Shan!


  1. Oh Kathy, I'm so tickled to hear that Sarah is making such great progress!! Wow, she is settling in quickly! And what a tender heart she has...after pushing Jaden, then feeling so badly. Bless her heart!

  2. How long does Jesus love on us? As long as it takes :0) Jeremiah 31:3


  3. Kathy, How precious. It is so hard to see them hurt so deeply but it is also so necessary. We have experienced similiar reactions when Kensey has hurt one of the other kids and gets in trouble. I know it will pass. SHe is so tender sometimes. I am so thankful that Sarah is doing so well and has breakfast in her PJ's. We all need to have breakfast in our PJs!!
    Love you all,

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I just realized that you were home with Sarah (Piper)!! I went back into your blog and caught myself up. SOOO happy to see her beautiful face. We changed our blog address: :)
    HUGE HUGS!!!!
    Brenda Hallgren

  5. Kathy, so good to chat with you and catch up a bit. I can't wait to meet Sarah some day. She is handling all these changes with such an amazing maturity. God is good!

  6. Brought me to tears. Melts my heart too. :)

  7. Kathy,

    Sounds like she is doing wonderful! I'm going to have to give you a call so we can catch up before I leave for China! :)

  8. I admire you for the love you have for your daughters, your 'gifts'. You are and will be a blessing in their lives and they will add richness and joy to yours! In a nutshell this blog was truly touching. Your son, Kevin forwarded this to me and I am glad!!! God Bless You and your family!