Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Love

Our son Chris drew this picture of a Koi.
It is amazing!
He filled it in by making little dots.(I am not
sure of the name for that type of artwork)
If you click on the pic. you can see the all the
tiny dots.
This was a special gift he made for his new
sister Sarah. He even did the Chinese Calligraphy.
It says... Family Love
He has become very fond of his new younger sister.
He calls her all the time and has a new word or two
that he learns in Chinese and shares with her.
He stuck close by her side during Christmas so she
wouldn't get to overwhelmed with all the people.
He and his wife also bought her a dvd player for
Christmas and the movie Mulan so she can
play it in Mandarin. Since she can't understand
English yet. We love the picture Chris! Also your
thoughtfulness and love towards your new
younger sister which is helping her feel more
comfortable with all the changes in her life.

Ziva our little Yorkie jumped up on the bed
to see what all the fuss was about. :)
All of our boys are very artistic and can draw
awesome pictures. Just like their dad.
They did not get one ounce of that talent from me!
I draw stick people. :)

The two new pieces of artwork will look wonderful in Sarah's room!

(The Chinese Calligraphy Pic. is from my friend refer to post on


  1. Oh Kathy, that post made me cry. That picture is amazing. And the love behind it, even more so.

  2. Those are incredible pieces of art! Way to go, Chris.

  3. Your WELCOME Mom & Dad, I'm just very glad to have my new sister as part of our family. I will continue to learn more Chinese to help Sarah adjust. (Its fun to tell her words then have her smile back!) Love you all,

    Chris Murray

  4. How incredibly sweet and God inspired! It is so awesome how He works. I love seeing Sara with her family and miss seeing you and " Uncle Trouble!"
    Leslie Cuti (Family 5)

  5. Awesome work Chris! You can't know now how much that will mean to Sarah as time goes by.