Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

We had a quiet birthday on the 11th. I did ask her
 if we could have a small party for her. She gave the thumbs up.
So this Saturday I made her favorite meal so far "Spaghetti" and we had
family and a couple of friends over. She was still very shy. So her big
 brother Chris stuck by her side again. We were able to get her to open
her presents with a couple of us in the room.
After awhile everyone slowly came in and joined us.

My friend gave her the Willow Angel that is signing I love you.
 I was trying to explain and show her the sign for love. Later she
 wanted to put her Willow Angel with some of mine and I showed
her a wonderful spot on her desk for hers.

My friend also made her some beautifully decorated cards with
scriptures in simplified Chinese and English. She laminated them
 and put them on a ring so she can flip threw and read them all.
She is looking at Charlotte (who made them) and smiling because
 the very first one says.....................................
Princess Sarah
Happy Birthday!
He Delights In You With Singing.
Then she put the scripture from
Zephaniah  3:17

We are still pretty much translator-dependant around here.
 So she couldn't understand what I was trying to share
with her about journaling.
Another artist in the making!
She was very surprised when she opened her ipod. :)
She loved mine and basically kidnapped it. What I love is.......
that she likes my Christian music that I have on it.

Hey! I want one of these 5th generation Nano ipods!

Our quiet celebration, earlier in the week. I asked Sarah what kind of cake she likes and
 she told me,"pineapple." So after finding some pictures I figured out she
wanted a pineapple upside down cake. We also had Chinese take out!

I found out in China she would get a rose for her birthday.
 So daddy picked up EIGHTEEN roses for her and put them in her room!
 When we came home from getting her new bling in her ears she
 went in her room and yelled, "Mom!" with a very excited voice
 and grabbed my hand pulling me into her room to show me.


  1. How precious! What a blessing to have her home on her 14th! She looks so happy in so many of your pictures!
    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  2. Oh my gracious, what a wonderful celebration! It looks like Sarah was very much at ease and enjoyed her big day. That is so great!!

  3. I absolutely love reading your blog and how the Lord has brought these two wonderful girls to your family. Its such a blessing to see their smiling faces and to read parts of their stories and to see the life transformation

  4. It is wonderful to hear that Sarah was blessed by the Biblical verses! The most important thing that anyone can share with her is the everlasting love and kindness Jesus has for every person on earth. Jeremiah 31:3
    In His Love and Ours,
    Gene and Charlotte

  5. How beautiful!!! Sarah is such a beautiful girl. So glad she was HOME for her very special birthday! I love the roses for her - so sweet!!


  6. Hi! I just found your blog and enjoyed "visiting" and reading about your new beautiful daughter. I'm glad she was home for her birthday. We are in the process of adopting as well and have four grown children.

  7. Is it OK that I am crying buckets??? Seriously I am. I really needed a good cry. She is just so precious and beautiful and the part about the roses … oh my what a precious story.